Thursday, 23 January 2014

2014! A Brand New Year

Happy New Year guys! I'm sorry this came a bit late (23 days overdue) but it's the thought that counts isn't it? Hehe.

It's been a while since I last blogged but believe it or not, one of my resolutions this year is to write more. And, I will write at least once a week or else I'll buy everyone lunch (roti kosong and ais kosong!!)

Now I'm hungry all over again.
Anyways, speaking of food, guess who I bumped to last weekend at Publika? I went there to do some Chinese New Year shopping and after a while, I decided to have coffee. 5-10 minutes later, I saw a familiar face and you wouldn't believe who it was! There he was. The Mr Prime Minister himself, Dato' Sri Najib Razak. I casually looked up to say hi to him and introduced myself. Before you know it, I was having tea with the Prime Minister. Dude, I have to say, we had a really nice chat. We spoke about our childhood (how we used to climb up tree and erm, take our neighbour's rambutans without permission. Sorry aunty), about how far technology has evolved and so much more.

All in all macha, I have to say that it was definitely an awesome weekend with you know, the Prime Minister. :)

The Prime Minister and I

Monday, 18 March 2013

The One and Only Armin Van Buuren

Yes, we have the number one DJ in the world, Mr Armin Van Buuren in the Fly FM studio last week. If you missed out on the special interview, fret not macha. I've recorded some videos of the interview and will upload it soon. :)

 I heard ASOT 600 KL was havoc to the max la bro. While waiting for the videos, why don't you enjoy some pictures first.

Ben, Armin van Buuren and I. Look how tall the macha is la dude.

Playing the premiere of his latest single only at Fly FM.

For those of you who wants his signature, here it is!

That's all from me today. Watch this space for more :D

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Alan. Alan. Alan. Alan. ALAN.

People always tell me that nothing comes free but macha, if you're a lady, then good for you! Dirty Nelly's Life Centre is giving FREE selected cocktails tonight, ALL DAY ALL NIGHT!

Anyway, someone showed me this video and I thought I should share it with you dude. :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

Am I A Belieber?

Happy Monday. How was the weekend macha? I hope it was good. Anyway, I woke up to this piece of news cause everyone's talking about it!

Apparently, James Franco's spoof of Justin Bieber's video, "Girlfriend" caused so much ruckus among the Beliebers that he had to take it down. So, rumour has it that Justin hasn't really seen the video yet but James said that Justin wouldn't be too "pleased if he did". And, James Franco received so much pressure from the people infected with the Bieber Fever that he has finally apologised for the spoof.

Well, James Franco might have taken the video down but dude, nothing goes unnoticed here in the internet. So, here's the spoof. Enjoy!

Honestly macha, I don't see anything wrong with it. :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Cats and Parties

Hey macha. I'm a bit late but Happy New Year 2013! I have a couple of funny videos for you to watch. Enjoy. :)

And, here's the moment you're waiting for. I will be giving away 10 (yes, TEN) pairs of passes to #WeLoveAsia Music Festival that will be happening this weekend. Wanna know how to win? Well, you've got to follow me on Twitter @phatfabes or like my fanpage on Facebook at

*Hint hint* It might be happening between 2pm to 6 pm.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Hide That Cash Now!

Macha, I remember when I was younger and I needed money to buy stuff, I would snoop around and search for any loose change at home. Bro, I must be quite lucky then cause I would always find some coins here and there. If you have siblings who are like me, snooping around for cash or worse still, one who "borrows" money from you without you realising it, then macha, I have the perfect solution for you.

Here are a few genius inventions for you to hide that stash of money from your siblings, housemates, friends and more. :)

This is not a real bun dude! Twist the top open and it reveals a hollow inside for you to store your money!

A faux candle! Smart...

Macha, it's time to invest in this clock.

This is just great. I don't have hair so why would I need a comb? Hehe

It works the same way as the bun. Just lift the first few leaves up and the treasure awaits.

I think dude, this is the best. I mean, no one would think to search for cash here. 

Well, that's it from me. Have an awesome day ahead. :)

Monday, 3 December 2012

Mind= Blown!

Happy Monday macha. So far, today has been the longest day ever cause I'm super hungry and the studio is freezing. Anyway, today, I'm gonna share some things with you that you might not know. Trust me dude. Getting your mind blown is inevitable. :)

1. Macha, there is a disorder called "Alien Hand Syndrome", which is an unusual neurological disorder whereby one of the sufferer's hands seems to take a life of its own!

2. Long ago, rich people used to pay for teeth to be pulled from poor people and implanted in their own jaws when their own rotten teeth were removed. But these days bro, we have Ke$ha who wants your teeth to make accessories.

3. Honey is bee vomit. Bees drink nectar from flowers which they turn into honey before sicking it back up to store in the hive. Now, honey doesn't seem so sweet doesn't it?

4. The state fish of Hawaii is the "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a". Yes, I typed that. :)

5. Here's an amazing fact that I really like. You know those "twisties" thing on your the plastic of your loaf of bread. Notice how the colours are different? There's a reason for it dude. They actually represent the day it was shipped to the store. Monday= blue, Tuesday= green, etc.

6. Cookie Monster's real name was actually Sid before he was addicted to cookies!

And, this last one fact will literally blow your mind! Did you know that scientists have finally concluded that the chicken came first and not the egg! Macha, that's because the protein which makes egg shells is only produced by hens.

I hope that you had fun reading this post. :) Happy Mondayyyyy